Crafts and DIY Ideas

I have been lusting after some "anthropologie inspired blooms" for weeks. I found them on Pinterest and finally made them!  The original was made by Homemade Ginger. I made a few modifications such as color, and they turned out beautifully.

Follow all of the instructions found on the original tutorial.

I used the fall colored food dyes and made pumpkin pie (The recipe is on the box, dilute with water if it is too orange). The other colors I tried did not turn out quite how I wanted them so I made this mauve/violet color by mixing burgundy with some water and one drop of black. Just play until you get the color you want (I tested on a few q-tips to make sure, remember the color will lighten slightly as they dry)

I found interesting glass pieces at my local Hobby Lobby and filled them up with sea salt (bought it in bulk from the soap and candle-making aisle). You could use any type of sand or decorative rock, but my bottle necks are very narrow. Sea salt seemed like a good, interesting alternative. Black beans or coffee beans would also look nice!

I also highly recommend the glue gun. Cutting the q-tips on more of an angle helps too. After sticking all of mine in I made sure to remove very loose ones and hot glue them in well. They are still fragile and I wouldn't jostle them too much, but if one or two fall out just glue them in and you're good to go.
Below is the finished product. I am very pleased!
Happy crafting everyone!