Monday, December 26, 2011

Handmade Christmas

Round 1 of handmade Christmas was a success! Everyone loves their gifts and I've even seen some wearing going on! :D
<--Look at all of our Christmas spirit!

Now that the secrets are out I can really work on getting some items posted for you all to make, buy, see and enjoy!

Hope you all had a great holiday!

My Handmade Christmas List
-Homemade Tea Bags (Zingiber Ginger Coconut and Hibiscus teas)
-Buckeye Bark
-Jersey Block Scarfs
-Hair Accessories
-Sugar Scrubs

Look for these items soon in our etsy store or on our facebook page!

Friday, December 23, 2011


We'll start by introducing ourselves! We are 4 sisters from Northeast Ohio!

We have always loved cooking and coming up with new recipes, but have recently become very interested in crafts. We also enjoy writing and sharing what we do with you!

Breanne (the oldest and a twin) and Britney (the youngest sister) will provide most of the posts on this blog. We will also be the ones making most of the things that you see for sale here or on our etsy shop (Bear with us as we get everything set up!) Allison (the other twin) and Rebekah will also provide ideas, posts, feedback and items from time to time.

What are we about?
Sis is all about having fun! We love DIY projects and have a tendency to not only come up with our own ideas, but to adapt things we have seen or read about in other bloggers websites, at craft shows or craft stores. Hobby Lobby is a dangerous place! Hobby Lobby=Inspiration=spending $$$$$ :D
Our blog will keep you posted on what we are up to, give you some DIY tips and tricks as well some recipes for tasty treats! As with anything you see here, you are welcome to try it yourself, like we said, they are not all original ideas. If you love that homemade, creative flair, but don't have hours to spend creating, let us do it for you! We specialize in custom accessories and gifts for all occasions!

Feel free to stay a while!
Happiest Holidays